Body Waxing

For effective, long-lasting hair removal, waxing is the way to go. If you’re looking for a waxing salon in Kansas City, MO, The Glam Room provides great results from experienced, professional estheticians.

Waxing is more effective than shaving because shaving only removes hair at the surface so hair can grow back quickly. Waxing takes out hair at the follicle, so it’s completely removed until the follicle regrows, and when hair does grow back, it’s thinner and lighter than the hair it replaces. When you need waxing in Kansas City, the professionals at The Glam Room give you long-lasting results.

Body waxing is also better for your skin. Not only will you eliminate the risk of unsightly nicks and cuts, but waxing exfoliates skin, removing dead skin cells and helping your skin rejuvenate.

At The Glam Room, your waxing salon in Kansas City, our professional estheticians remove hair from the back, legs, underarms, arms, or face, anywhere that unwanted hair is a problem.

For that perfect look in your favorite bikini, try a bikini wax or Brazilian wax, the best ways to effectively remove and shape hair in the bikini area.

To make an appointment for your waxing needs in Kansas City, MO, contact us at The Glam Room today.



Starting at $50


Starting at $78


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Starting at $53

Half Leg Wax - $53

Full Leg Wax - $88

Under Arms

Starting at $39

Facial Waxing

Starting at $51

Arm Wax

Starting at $53