December 15 2021

Winter Haircut Trends Everyone is Wearing

The winter months are here, and just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your style! And there’s absolutely no need to this winter because there are some fabulous haircuts and styles to choose from in the winter 2021 trends. 

  • Blunt-cut lob. A lob is a bob cut that’s just a little longer, cut at just about the shoulders. This style uses a blunt, single-length cut that looks on-trend for any occasion. 
  • Pixie with fringe. If you love short hair, this winter trend is for you. The pixie cut is short and full of high-dimension layers, and this style includes the beautiful addition of a layered fringe that frames your face for a fabulous look all season.

  • Wispy bangs. We’re seeing bangs everywhere this season, and this trendy style is perfect for anyone who’s not quite sure whether bangs are for them. With a ‘barely there’ look, these wispy bangs give you just enough face-framing glory to enhance your style.
  • ‘Hidden’ texture. Here’s a great choice if you like a mid-length style. Your expert Glam Room stylist will create a few invisible, hidden layers in your cut to give you fabulous texture and dimension with a more subtle, sexy look. 
  • The bob. The classic chin-length bob is huge this year, and it’s coming in toward the top of the 2021 winter haircut trends. Whether you go with the classic blunt look or add a little texture or just a few layers, this chic, gorgeous look goes absolutely anywhere. 
  • Shag layers. A gorgeous shag is just the ticket for a cool-girl look you’ll love this winter. Shaggy layers work great for mid-length to longer hair, with or without some layered fringe or curtain bangs to complete the look. 
  • The updated ‘Rachel.’ We all remember that gorgeous look from the 90s, and now it’s back with a modern flair. This trendy cut features tons of layers that ‘cup’ around the face in a look that curls somewhat inward. It’s a great style that’s sure to turn heads at any winter celebration!
  • Curly shag. If you think a shag haircut is only for straight hair, think again. This season, we’re seeing a trend toward shags for curly hair, with tons of layers that really show off those curls! If you’re reluctant to shorten your length but want something different, this is a great option. 

So once you’ve got a great Glam Room cut, how do you keep it looking incredible in between salon visits? The secret is caring for your hair with the right products and following a few easy steps to keep your style looking great. 

  • Only use stylist-recommended products. Skip the drugstore brands – those are usually watered-down and can contain some ingredients that can be harsh on your hair. Your Glam Room stylist will recommend the right professional-grade haircare products to keep your locks soft and shiny, from salon-trusted brands like Kérastase®, L'Oréal Professionnel®, and Shu Uemura®. These extraordinary products use only the latest scientific research and proven, gentle ingredients to care for your hair. 
  • Avoid excess heat. During the cold winter months, indoor heating dries out the air, and outdoor air has low humidity. That equals less moisture in the air, which can cause vital moisture to escape your hair strands. Exposure to heat dries out things even more, so avoid using your heated styling tools more than needed and turn down the heat in the shower whenever you’re rinsing your hair. 
  • Shampoo less often. Shampooing too frequently may strip your hair of its natural oils that are necessary to keep hair soft and smooth during the winter. Most of us shampoo too often – only 2 or 3 times a week is all that’s needed to keep your hair clean. Between shampoos, you can use a professional dry shampoo to keep things fresh.
  • Condition more. Unlike shampooing, which should be reduced in most cases, conditioning needs to happen more frequently in the winter when your hair is exposed to all that heated dry air. Ask your Glam Room stylist to recommend the best conditioning schedule for you, which may include professional in-salon conditioning treatments. 

Looking for a great haircut this winter? Make an appointment today at The Glam Room. Our expert stylists will help you find the right cut to suit your individual style and personality! Visit us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your haircut appointment. You can also schedule your appointment on our mobile app, available for free on iTunes and Google Play. Once you get the look you want, never run out of your professional stylist-recommended products – you can get everything you need on our exclusive online store


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