January 21 2019

Will you be sporting Balayage or Ombre as your New Year New Look?

New Year comes with New Looks. Have you been wanting to spice up your looks, but not sure where to begin? Have you seen Balayage and Ombre looks on Pinterest or heard the terms Balayage or Ombre while visiting the salon, yet wasn’t exactly sure what they meant? Let’s dive into what each technique is, if it is right for you, and recommended maintenance for each look.

Balayage is an upcoming look that gives your hair a sweeping sun-kissed vibe. It is a look that is achieved by transitioning from a dark color to a lighter color. The key to a successful Balayage look is the vertical flow that gives natural ‘pops’ of color without affecting entire sections.

On the other hand, Ombre is a hair coloring technique that usually starts with darker roots and ends with the transitioning lighter color. One major difference with Ombre is that entire sections of hair will be affected with color. Ombre focuses on the horizontal blending of the two colors. Ombre gives more dimension to any hairstyle.

Balayage is best achieved with hair that is at least shoulder length. This is to bring out the various color differentiation that is used for the overall effect. If you have shorter hair consult with your stylist to explore various options as to cut, texture, and shape that can still grasp the sun-kissed vibe. Unlike traditional hair coloring, Balayage looks are lower maintenance only requiring a color touch up every 12 weeks.

Ombre is perfect for all hair lengths. It is a great look for women who are especially trying to grow out their natural color, or who wants a change without all the commitment. The most popular Ombre look is the Ombre Chestnut. This looks starts with beautiful chestnut roots and blends into a soft creamy blonde. It is recommended that Ombre looks can be touched up at 3-6 months.  

To maintain both looks and to keep your hair looking healthy and smooth, professionals recommend professional hair care at home products with weekly treatments. Our stylists will help you with your personal hair care regimen to give your hair the right amount of protein for strength and moisture for softness.  

Although these looks may be similar, that doesn’t mean they are both right for you. Make an appointment today to see if your Glam Room stylist recommends the natural sun-kissed locks or the horizontal two-toned look. Both require little color maintenance and can be customized to fit your specific needs. It is important to use our professional hair care products to ensure that your hair stays shiny and smooth. Ready for your new look that you have been searching for to off your new year?  Ask your Glam Room Salon + Spa + Beauty Bar stylist which look is best for you, your hair and the look you are going for!  Call  (816) 605-1949 today and reserve your new look you most desire!  

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