November 30 2021

Why You Need Regular Mani/Pedi Appointments All Year Long

With the holidays upon us, we’re all looking for new ways to show off our style. Our nails are an important part of our personal style, and it’s important for them to look great, not only for the holidays but all year round. While most people come in for manicures and pedicures during special occasions like the holidays or weddings, regular appointments – at least monthly – will help your nails stay healthy and beautiful on your fingers as well as your toes. 

That’s because manicures and pedicures, when done regularly by experienced nail technicians, actually help keep you healthy in body and mind. Here are just some of the benefits of regular mani/pedi’s:

Great looking nails. The most obvious benefit of your manicure and pedicure is great-looking nails! You’ll get perfectly trimmed nails in colors that fit your personality and match all your favorite holiday outfits, and the expert nail technicians at The Glam Room give you a beautiful look that lasts. 

Total relaxation. Let’s face it: the holidays can be stressful. If you need a little “me time” to recharge during your day, a relaxing mani/pedi is a great choice. All you need to do is relax and you’ll be pampered with a full spa manicure and pedicure, which includes massage. There’s no better way to de-stress than to relax at The Glam Room!

Improved circulation. The massage you get during a mani/pedi isn’t just for relaxing – although it certainly is a wonderful feeling! It also helps stimulate your circulatory system, which delivers blood to your skin and muscles and filters away toxins. Better circulation means healthier cells, and that equals healthier, better-looking nails and skin!

Good skincare. We spend a lot of time on our skincare routines, but that only targets the skin on our faces. For our hands and feet, most of us only apply lotion when we look or feel dry. But the skin on your hands and feet needs regular care. Did you know that your hands can end give away your age? Often, chronically dry skin on the hands results in signs of aging, even when you’re still young. That’s why it’s so important to always pay attention to your skin everywhere. Regular mani/pedi’s will give your hands and feet the skincare attention they deserve regularly, from a professional who understands skincare needs. 

Prevention. Nail fungus is embarrassing, and if it spreads, it can even become painful and infected. No one wants fungus or other skincare issues, and regular mani/pedi’s mean that your skin and nails get assessed regularly by a professional. Our experts are trained to spot problems and then treat them with the right skincare treatments before they get worse and become noticeable, especially on your feet, where it’s hard to spot these problems at home without your expert Glam Room nail technician. 

At The Glam Room, our expert nail technicians will help your nails look and feel great with these professional services:

  • Acrylic nails and fills. For a beautiful look with a classic finish, acrylic nails look incredible for any occasion. 
  • Dip powder manicures. Long-lasting and chip-free, dip powder nails are a great choice to enhance your holiday look this season. 
  • Gel polish manicures and pedicures. With a glossy finish and quick-dry convenience, gel nails are becoming more popular than ever. 

Get beautiful, healthy hands and feet for your holiday season with regular manicures and pedicures from the experts at The Glam Room. Make an appointment today and relax while our expert nail technicians help you look and feel your best! You’ll find The Glam Room at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your manicure and pedicure appointment or schedule your appointment on our free mobile app, iTunes and Google Play. Need a refill on your favorite hair and skincare products? Just order online for those salon-trusted professional products used by your professional Glam Room stylists, colorists, and estheticians – just visit our online store

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