Why Everyone Loves Shu Uemura® Styling Products

April 30 2022

Why Everyone Loves Shu Uemura® Styling Products

Hairstyling is much more than just blow drying your hair each day and running it through a flat iron or curling rod. Today’s trending styles require the help of professional products to assist with a long-lasting style that will hold up – whether you’re at work, hanging out with friends, or attending a long-lasting formal event. At The Glam Room, our expert stylists love Shu Uemura® products for their high-quality, high-performance attributes – and we know you’ll love them, too!

Shu Uemura® takes hairstyling to a whole new level with its emphasis on:

  • Culture. Shu Uemura® products are inspired by the unique flair of Tokyo, a city of high contrasts. This ultra-modern city has a foundation steeped in tradition, giving it a flair all its own. Simplicity and precision unite in the Shu Uemura® brand, and the Tokyo tradition is honored in all its professional styling products.
  • Art. Simply put, hair styling is an elegant art. Every style looks different because of the professional stylist behind the style fused with the individuality of each person’s unique style and hair type. Precision crafting creates a work of art, and Shu Uemura® puts exquisite detail in each styling formula and styling tool.
  • Philosophy. The founder of Shu Uemura®, Mr. Shu Uemura himself, believed strongly in a holistic approach to beauty. With that philosophy in mind, he created the Shu Uemura® brand, which creates custom formulas to create the perfect style by adapting to individual hair types and textures.
  • Attitude. Trend-setting styles are the key to the Shu Uemura® culture. The mindset of modern luxury, combined with an element of surprise, guides every creative style.
  • Ingredients. The precious ingredients at the heart of every Shu Uemura® formula are rare, effective, and renowned for their beauty benefits. From delicate fragrances to rare, natural ingredients that have been known for centuries for their therapeutic beauty benefits, only the best ingredients make it into Shu Uemura® ’s exclusive formulas.

Understanding that hairstyling is an exquisite art form, the catalog of Shu Uemura® products is extensive, allowing each stylist to create the right look for their client. The Shu Uemura® styling collection includes:

  • Mousse. A Shu Uemura® styling mousse helps hold your style in place while adding softness and exquisite shine.
  • Serums. Healthy hair makes the best styles, so Shu Uemura® designed exceptional nourishing serums to strengthen hair and help it resist breakage while adding incredible shine and definition.
  • Texturizers. With today’s high-volume styles, you need an effective texturizing formula that helps add volume and lift. Shu Uemura® texturizing products are designed for today’s highest trending styles.
  • Creams & Gels. Great styling needs an assist from a strong-holding formula that’s also lightweight. Shu Uemura® expert creams and gels are designed to hold your style perfectly so it can last all night long!
  • Pomades. Styles that require accurate shaping and twisting need the extra hold of an effective pomade formula. Shu Uemura® pomades are designed to let your stylist create an exceptional look with flexible artistic effects.
  • Sprays. A secure hold is a must for exceptional styling, so Shu Uemura® developed formulas that keep your unique style in place without sticky, stiff effects that downplay your hair’s beauty.
  • Heat protectants. Heat is definitely an enemy when it comes to getting healthy hair. Shu Uemura® understands that some of the most exceptional styles require blow-drying and heated styling tools, so the brand created unmatched heat protectant formulas to allow stylists to create freely without worrying about heat damage.

You just can’t get this level of quality and results from drugstore brands. Professional brands like Shu Uemura® are trusted by top salons like The Glam Room because they use only high-quality ingredients in concentrated formulas that deliver the best performance for your hair.

If you’ve noticed your hair feeling a bit limp and dry and not really holding its style, those cheaper drugstore products may be to blame. Many can contain harmful ingredients that dry out your hair, and they’re often in watered-down formulas that have little to no potency. Always use professional products like Shu Uemura® to care for your hair!

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