What Microdermabrasion And Dermaplaning Are And How They Can Help You

January 31 2023

What Microdermabrasion And Dermaplaning Are And How They Can Help You

There are so many skin care techniques out there in the world that it can be a bit too easy to accidentally mix two up. Or perhaps, it is simply hard to determine the difference between two similar procedures. Microdermabrasion and dermaplaning are two of these similar, but different procedures you should know the difference in as well as how facials and Hydrafacial are a part of the mix.

How Are These Treatments Similar?

Both of these treatments need to be done by professional and trained estheticians. They focus on renewing the face with a smooth, youthful look. They combat wrinkles, and signs of aging so that you can experience that timeless look. The results are almost immediate, and you will love your new look. And they are both popular mechanical exfoliation techniques. But this is where the similarities begin to end because there is more to each procedure.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique that removes dead skin, softens up the look of wrinkles and laugh lines, and allows any products used to really seep into the skin. On top of that, the procedure removes any unwanted hair or peach fuzz you may want to be removed. This is mainly because the procedure is done with a scalpel, or a dermatome (essentially a small, sterile blade). However, unlike microdermabrasion, dermaplaning is unable to address hyperpigmentation. It can help to reduce the look of pores and acne scars though! It is also said to help a condition called actinic keratosis, which creates scaly, rough patches of skin. This is a condition that should be monitored by a healthcare professional as well. But you can lessen discomfort and lessen the risks that come with the condition with this treatment.

With dermaplaning, you should also consider getting a Hydrafacial treatment to complement the procedure. When combined, every skincare concern you could think of is being addressed. And when you do Hydrafacial after dermaplaning, you are giving the facial a golden opportunity to work its best magic. This is because your skin is prepped and pores unclogged.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a process that utilizes a special wand that sucks out anything clogging the pores, with the use of a sprayed-on exfoliant. The skin is gently scrubbed and stimulated so that collagen production begins in the skin, which helps combat signs of aging. It suctions all the dead skin cells out of your face with ease, and due to the nature of the want the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted to your comfort levels. This intensity can also be used to treat particular skin issues if you have specific things you want to be addressed. Some of the other issues that microdermabrasion can help fight against include but are not limited to stretch marks, sun damage, melasma, wrinkles, and blackheads.

When you get a facial after this treatment, your skin will be clean and clear absorbing all the great benefits a facial has to offer. Especially if it is meant to soothe and hydrate the skin. If the facial includes a chemical peel, however, you want to make sure to use sunscreen regularly until your skin has healed.

So Which Should I Get?

Well, that all depends on the benefits you are looking for in the procedure. Based on whatever blemishes you want to be free of, take into consideration the effect of either treatment and you should be able to easily decide which one would be best for you. And with The Glam Room, you can even save money on hydrafacials when you purchase packages of 4- because you will get one free!

If you still need clarification, you can always come in and discuss your options and concerns with our estheticians directly! We will be sure to help you find the right treatment for you.

The Products We Use

We love to use products from Dermalogica and SkinCeuticals. You can expect your skin to stay glowing every day of the week, month, and year with these awesome products!

Dermalogica is a top-of-the-line brand dedicated to not only hydrating your skin but absolutely and completely transforming it. These products were produced out of the pure desire to serve and educate customers who needed help getting their skin healthy and comfortable, and are the #1 choice amongst professionals worldwide. The products are even completely gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan- so you don’t have to worry about gluten allergies or animal cruelty when enjoying their products. They are based on maintaining sustainability. To top it all off, Dermalogica specifically avoids using harmful ingredients in its formulas like artificial colors, artificial fragrances, mineral oil, S.D. alcohol, microplastics, parabens, and lanolin. If you have sensitive skin, you may just give Dermalogica a try. They are even seeing progress in their sustainability, looking to meet 4 major goals by 2025. So you can rest assured that this is a brand that looks out for both the Earth and its customers.

SkinCeuticals is a skincare brand dedicated to skincare backed up by scientific research. They make a promise to help gain and maintain healthy skin through their advanced skin care products. With over 30 years of research, highly potent formulas, and a passion for skin health, they are able to keep this promise with absolutely stellar products that work! They protect your healthy skin, combat premature aging, and even help prevent damage in the future.

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