July 15 2022

Wedding Hairstyles and Accessories That Are On Every Bride's List In 2022

Summer is wedding season, and it’s already in full force. Weddings are momentous occasions and you want everything from the venue to the dress to be picture-perfect, including your hair. If you’re still planning your 2022 nuptials and having trouble finalizing your bridal hair plans, we’re here to help. We’ve been watching the bridal hair trends this year and have put together this collection of wedding hairstyles and accessories that are on every bride’s list this year.


The hairstyle you choose should be in line with the theme of your wedding, be it modern, vintage, formal and elegant, or casual and boho. Here are a few of this year’s top choices for bridal hairstyles.

Half Up, Half Down- When you’re torn between an updo and letting your hair flow a half-up, half-down style is the perfect way to showcase long hair while keeping it out of your face. This style is highly customizable to fit your wedding theme. Starting with curls or waves overall, the up portion of your hair can be styled with rope twists for a nautical feel, loose braids for a romantic boho look, or a half bouffant for a vintage vibe.

Chignon- This is a classic updo that will never fall out of fashion. Choose a sleek polished chignon for a more formal and elegant feel or a loose chignon with a few trailing tendrils for a touch of softness. The key to making a chignon work with your dress lies with the accessories. 

Braids- Braids are another wedding hairstyle staple that is taking the bridal world by storm this year. Braids are being incorporated into various hairstyles as well as being featured as hairstyles of their own. Beautiful bohemian crown braids paired with a pretty flower wreath look amazing with a short to mid-length flowy dress in an outdoor setting. Tight braids twisted into a sleek bun give a very sleek and sophisticated vibe. And a long flowing mermaid or fishtail braid is a stunning show of soft elegance. 

Buns- Buns are another classic bridal hairstyle that we’re seeing a lot of this year. This is another versatile style that is easy to blend into any wedding theme. Braids and twists give it an intricate look that is anything but boring while the still understated style provides the perfect base for a gorgeous tiara or veil.

Unstructured- Unstructured updos consisting of interwoven braids and twists with softly curled tendrils framing the face pair well with any dress or wedding theme. These hairstyles can be given a vintage or modern feel simply by choosing the right accessories. The soft, romantic look of unstructured updos is absolutely perfect for anyone’s wedding day.

Short Hair- Short strands may limit your updo options, but it in no way limits your wedding day styles. Loose layered waves with one side pinned back, side-swept bangs with curls, a pixie with a flower crown, or a sleek straight bob are all ultra-feminine and elegant bridal hairstyles. And a chin-length cut is the perfect canvas for vintage Hollywood curls for a timeless and glamorous look.


Sometimes bridal hair accessories aren’t given much thought, but they should because accessories are the key to pulling everything together. Carefully chosen accessories will mirror the theme of your wedding and incorporate elements that compliment your dress to make it all work. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s most popular wedding hair accessories.  

Veils- Wedding veils seemed to fall out of favor for a while as they were seen by some as too traditional and old-fashioned, but the modern bride is confident enough to embrace such traditional beauty and veils are making a comeback. A birdcage veil paired with Hollywood curls is the perfect finishing touch for a vintage wedding theme. A floral embroidered veil lends a soft and romantic touch to a nature theme. A simple sheer veil adds an elegant feel that won’t over compete with an ornate dress. And a pearl or rhinestone-studded veil will add glitz and glamor to an understated modern dress. 

Flower Wreaths and Floral Combs and Pins- Nothing softens a hairstyle and adds feminine charm faster than flowers. Even the most simple hairstyle can be transformed into something grand with a flower wreath. A floral comb to the side of a messy chignon is the perfect finishing touch, and floral pins allow you to add sprigs of flowers to any style.

Pearls- Whether it’s a pearl-encrusted comb or a strand of pearls woven into a braid, pearls and weddings go hand in hand. Even the most simple pearl accessory screams elegance and grace. When it comes to accessorizing your wedding hair you simply can’t go wrong with pearls.

Tiaras- Every bride should feel like a fairytale princess on her wedding day, and what better way than with a diamond tiara. Choose a simple style to go with a more understated dress or a more ornate style for a more lavish dress so that they’re perfectly balanced and don’t compete with each other for attention. 

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