April 30 2021

Trendy Hair Techniques for a Great Spring Color

With the warm spring air finally here, this is a great reminder to switch up your style for the new season. If you’ve been thinking about new hair color, you may have been considering some of the new trendy color techniques that will look amazing with all your spring outfits. Today, we’ll talk about the different trend techniques available for your hair color, the differences between them, and how they can be a part of your new spring style.

Balayage. Many people think of balayage as a type of highlight, but it’s really a technique for creating highlights. Traditionally, highlights are done using foil wraps that separate strips of hair so that they’re dyed a different shade than your base hair color. When the color is lighter, those are called highlights. Separating strips by foils creates an even pattern of somewhat chunky highlights, which look fantastic but don’t look like natural, sun-kissed hair. Balayage is different. Your expert colorist at The Glam Room uses his or her natural talent to strategically “paint” strips of hair in a freehand style with your chosen highlight color. This makes the effect more natural-looking, blending perfectly into your hair as though it were lightened by the sun. No two balayage styles look exactly alike, because the master colorist uses an artistic eye to follow the contours of your natural hair and decide where to place the highlight color. It’s a fabulous look that’s so perfect for spring when the sunshine peeks through after a long winter.

Ombre. The ombre is a specific color pattern used in the hair. Traditionally, it has a darker color at the top with a stark transition into a lighter color at the ends. Normally, these colors have high contrast so that the ombre pattern is clear. But you can make it your own style with a few changes from the traditional look. One option is the “sombre,” a “soft ombre” that has less contrast between the two hair colors. Another option is the reverse ombre, where the lighter color is at the root and the darker color is at the end. You can also switch up the types of colors used, even going with fantasy colors for a super bold statement. Ombre is a popular choice not only because it looks beautiful, but because there are so many options to customize it.

Color melt. Color melting is a fun new trend that “melts” different shades together in such a way that you can’t tell where the colors change. With a color melt, the difference in color is so subtle that the shades are blended into a look that tricks the eye. Color melting is also highly customizable, so you can get the exact look you want. You can get a color melt using traditional colors like red, blonde, or brunette, or you can melt together some fantasy colors for an amazing look that’ll really get you noticed. As with other highlight techniques, color melting gives you a high dimension style that looks as fabulous as you’ll feel in your new color-melted shade.

No matter which trendy technique you use for your new look, you’ll get the best results when you choose an experienced professional to give you your new color. The expert colorists at The Glam Room are fully trained in all the latest techniques and styles, so you’ll get the perfect look that will last all season long. 

Want to try some of these trending styles for yourself this spring? Make an appointment today at The Glam Room and our expert stylists and colorists can help you get the look you’ll love! You can find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or you can schedule your appointment right from your mobile device with our The Glam Room mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play


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