December 31 2022

These 7 Flawless Hairstyles Will Be Positively Booming in 2023

With a new year, comes a new you- as the tradition goes. And if there is going to be a new you, wouldn’t it make sense for that to be accompanied by a new look? It does to us! If you want some amazing hairstyles for the year 2023 then you need not look any further than here to know the hottest crazes coming your way. There are a lot of trendy new looks popping up all around us for the new year and we have compiled a list of a few of our favorites. You can get a fantastic new cut or style today at The Glam Room!

Shaggy Trends

Shaggy looks are becoming a big thing lately and you can expect this to carry over into January. This can come in the form of a more classic, retro 70’s shag cut, or layered cuts like the butterfly cut. Wolf cuts offer an interesting and disheveled look that shag lovers will adore. But even just a classic layered shag will have its place this year

Bobs For The New Year 

There are a variety of wonderful bob cuts that you can look forward to in 2023. You can go for something a bit more simple and classic, however, all bobs are on the table for the new year. Mid-length bobs that graze your shoulders, soft layered bobs that give you a gentle chic look, fringed bobs, the boy bob, and even short blunt box bobs, are all gorgeous options to try out when 2023 arrives. 

Layered Cuts 

With layers you get gorgeous, face-framing long locks full of volume and life. These cuts add depth and amazing texture to your hair for some grand and gorgeous effects. The great thing about layers too is that you can pair them with a lot of different fashion styles, or incorporate them into different haircuts. In particular, though, we are looking to see an uprise in long layers for 2023. So if you already have long hair, consider going into the salon and getting it layered and styled, so you can start the year off right.

The Bixie

Are you not quite in love with the look of a bob? Do you want to try a pixie cut but just don’t want to cut your hair too short? This is the perfect hairstyle for you. The bixie is a perfect middle ground between the bob and the pixie cut. This look can be customized to your hair type and texture and is a great way to test out the waters with shorter hair without going with a full pixie cut. 

Layers With Bangs

If you love layers then why not add just a bit more to the look with gorgeous bangs? Bottleneck bangs in particular are starting to make themselves known due to how beautiful they are with minimal styling. But of course, there are a variety of gorgeous options to pair with your new layers like the classic curtain bang, which holds similarities to bottleneck bangs but focuses more on framing the sides of the face. 

Long Pixie Cut

Perhaps the bixie is not quite your style. That’s fair- so the question is, what is in your style? There are some other options for longer pixie cuts. An asymmetrical cut can create a lovely quirky, but pretty appearance. You can pair your pixie cut with long bangs to sweep to the side. Adding some shag to your hair might even be the answer you need. Longer pixie’s are just a lovely way to experience a pixie cut while retaining a little length and styling freedom. 

Sleek Crop

Sleek and cropped hair can go hand in hand with the bob trend, but more specifically it revolves around clean-cut Hair. It should be a smooth, sleek, and short look. Blunt cuts are popular this year anyway with bangs, so it makes sense that it would also be quite popular to have blunt and even hair all around as well. Make sure to take advantage of this glamorous trend of the year for fashionable, elegant, and professional hairstyles

Our Products & Hair Care

For your hair’s benefit, we at the Glam Room have a ready supply of Kerastase, Loreal Professionnel, and Shu Uemura products. These salon-grade products are great for making sure your hair stays sleek, shiny, and healthy. These brands are fantastic for helping to repair hair, hold variety for different hair textures, and even combat fading in colored hair. If after your appointment you know you will need extra help in managing your hair, our stylists would be more than happy to help share some great styling tips with you to ensure that you get the most out of your hairstyle and appointment. 

Come on around to The Glam Room for the best hairstyle you could as for. We can be found at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City, ready to give you the hair you deserve. Contact us by calling 816-605-1949 for an appointment today, or to schedule an appointment on our free mobile app found on iTunes and Google Play. And do not forget that our online store is always available for your other hair care needs. 

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