August 31 2020

The Best Hairstyles and Color Ideas to Wear with Face Masks

These days, face masks are needed almost everywhere.  Here at The Glam Room, we see that as an open opportunity to find creative ways to celebrate your style. Since most of your face is covered, that leaves fewer opportunities for personal expression, and one of these is your hairstyle. While you’ll want to choose a hairstyle that makes your mask-wearing more comfortable, you’ll also want to be sure that it expresses your individuality.  We’ve put together some of our favorite mask-friendly hairstyles that can help you do just that. 

Part it in the center. If your style is all about classic sophistication, try the center part for a fashion-forward style. A center part works with a variety of hairstyles and textures, so you can pair this classic look with different styles, from the tied-back ponytail to free-flowing curls, and still get the timeless look your style demands.  

Experiment with color. Now is a great time to experiment with color. Whether it’s an all-over color in a new shade for fall, some shimmering highlights to enhance your natural color, or some fun, bold-colored streaks to frame your face, changing up your hair color now will get you noticed. Let your Glam Room colorist help you choose the right shade for your unique personality. 

Go all Hollywood. Celebrities love those bouncy, gorgeous curls – and for good reason, because the big, beautiful style really gets you noticed. The celebrity secret is in the blowout, a professional styling service that gives you defined, salon-perfect curls and plenty of volume and shine. The salon blowout looks great with a mask because it’s sexy, alluring, and memorable.  

Try a messy bun. The one hairstyle that moves flawlessly from professional settings to formal occasions is the messy bun. Paired with a business outfit, it’s sophisticated and professional. Paired with a formal gown or even a wedding dress, it’s romantic, stylish, and feminine. The best part for mask wearers is that a messy bun keeps your hair in place and out of the way of your face mask.

Add some accessories. These days, accessories can be practical as well as beautiful. A strong, well-placed clip or headband can hold your face mask elastic instead of your ears for a more comfortable fit. Your mask is also an accessory – stock up on lots of different styles and designs, as well as hair accessories that match them, for a fashion-forward look that will match any wardrobe. 

Turn your mask into a fashion statement by embracing the challenge to show off your personality – come into The Glam Room and let our professional stylists and colorists create the perfect look for your unique style. 

  • Cuts. Regular haircuts are a must to keep your hair healthy-looking and frizz-free. A new cut can also help make your hair easier to style, which helps when finding a new style that works well with your face mask. 
  • Color. The easiest way to get a new look is through new hair color. Our professional colorists use only the best professional products to keep your hair healthy and your new color bright and vibrant. From subtle new shades to bright fantasy colors to trendy highlight styles like ombre and color melt, we have the color for everyone’s unique style.
  • Styling and smoothing. Let our stylists create your mask-friendly hairstyle with a fun, quick professional blowout. Or if your hair is dry and frizzy, smooth out that frizz with a professional keratin treatment. We also have a full range of barbering services for men and bridal hair and makeup services for the entire bridal party. 

Get everything you need to make your hair look great – make an appointment at The Glam Room today and our professional stylists and colorists will help you create that perfect style! Find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or you can schedule your professional hair services right from your mobile device with our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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