Taming the Frizz in the Heat of Summer

June 21 2019

Taming the Frizz in the Heat of Summer

Summer is here, and that means hot days at the local pool, vacations at the beach – and humidity, which can turn your hair into a frizzy mess, ruining your best fun plans. The summer heat doesn’t have to leave you with bad hair days. You can fight the frizz with smoothing treatments and specialized products that tame the frizz and restore your confident style.

To arm yourself in the fight against frizz, you first need to understand your enemy, and that means looking at the individual strand. The outside layer is called the cuticle, and it’s made up of cells that pile on top of each other to create a barrier that protects the inner core. When damage or humidity affects these cells, they stand up and no longer form a solid barrier. Frayed like a rope, they tangle against other strands and leave your whole head of hair looking frizzy and messy.

Products and treatments that tame the frizz bring these cells back into formation, forming a tight seal that protects the cuticle. When each strand is smooth and protected, your entire head of hair looks smooth, shiny, and feels luxurious.

PowerMix treatment. PowerMix comes in several different formulas to target your hair’s needs and correct issues – including dryness and frizz. The treatments combine rich conditioners and nutrients that leave your hair silky, shiny, and easier to manage. Conditioners work by sealing up those cells in the cuticle to restore smoothness and eliminate frizz.

GK Keratin treatment. For a longer-lasting solution, a keratin treatment may be just the ticket. Keratin is a protein, the building blocks of your hair. Sometimes, damage happens that leave gaps in your hair. Keratin treatments infuse this protein back into your hair to make it stronger and more resilient while smoothing out the surface and protecting against damage. With GK Keratin Treatments, you have options – you can choose a full treatment or an express treatment. The difference is intensity – a full treatment takes longer, lasts longer, and may require some time to set before you can wash your hair again. Express treatments are faster and have fewer aftercare restrictions, but the results don’t last as long. In both cases, the result is hair that’s smooth as silk with no frizzing, regardless of weather conditions.

Liss Unlimited. L’Oréal’s line of professional salon products can help you tame your frizz. Infused with keratin, Liss Unlimited strengthens, reinforces, and hydrates your hair to rebuild that protective layer and calm the frizz. Ask your stylist if L’Oréal Liss Unlimited is the right treatment for your frizzy hair needs.

You don’t have to go it alone. Make an appointment at The Glam Room today to get your frizz under control. Our well-trained, experienced stylists can help you choose the right treatment for you, whether it’s a PowerMix treatment, GK Keratin Treatment or L’Oréal Liss Unlimited products. You can find us at308 Delaware Street in Kansas Cityorcall 816-605-1949to book your appointment – or download our free mobile app to manage appointments right on your mobile device. It’s available on iTunes,Google Play, orAmazon.