July 12 2020

Take Care of Your Skin with Our Manicures & Pedicure Treatments

Hand washing and hand sanitizers are being highly recommended to help keep you healthy in these unsteady times. It’s true that they are good at keeping the germs at bay, but if you are already used to hand sanitizers and regular hand-washing, you probably already know they can leave your skin feeling dry. With the intensity that they are being used now, they may also be causing damage to your cuticles and nails. 

Now that The Glam Room is back open within the safety guidelines, professional manicures and pedicures can bring your hands and feet back to being smooth, silky, and moisturized again. Here are some key reasons why mani-pedis are so important.

The truth about hand sanitizers. It’s true that waterless hand sanitizers are essential to keep COVID-19 and other germs under control. However, with the high alcohol content in them, they not only dry out the skin around your nails and cause nail plate dehydration, but they also dry up your nail beds, producing brittle nails that are prone to chipping, pealing, and breaking. 

Hydrated nails are important. Your fingernails and toenails are made of a strong protein called keratin. Adequate levels of keratin and water content will keep your nails pliable, hydrated, and resistant to breaking and becoming brittle. Regular use of hand sanitizers will deplete moisture from your nails. 

Keeping your skin and nails looking young. When you visit The Glam Room and enjoy your customized mani-pedi, you can be rest assured you will be leaving with clean, younger-looking, hydrated hands and feet. Our expert nail technicians use high-quality products to keep your skin hydrated and nourished to stimulate collagen production, which will keep your hands and feet looking young. 

Massage to your nails and toes. When you have a manicure or pedicure at The Glam Room, you will receive an invigorating massage to both your hands and feet. This massage helps to stimulate blood flow for ideal nail and skin health and growth. Increased circulation also helps to eliminate toxins from cleaners, soaps, and other environmental factors. 

Prevent fungus growth. Sometimes, fungus and bacteria growth can be hard to detect on your own. Our professionals know how to spot the early warning signs before infection sets in. Infection can lead to torn skin, sores, or rashes and are oftentimes painful. We can treat problems as soon as we notice them, and we routinely disinfect and sanitize our tools after every client to keep fungus and bacteria away. 

Enjoy the moment. Setting time aside to relax and unwind can be difficult. When you come in for a mani-pedi, it’s the perfect opportunity to wash away the stresses of the moment and just relax. Time to de-stress is good for the soul. We recommend a nail treatment every two weeks to keep your hands, feet, and soul healthy. 

Even with treatments every two weeks, our hands still take a beating with the amount of hand-washing and sanitizers we use daily. Keep these tips in mind to keep your hands hydrated and healthy between your appointments.

  • When cleaning, use gloves to prevent household cleaners and disinfectant wipes from drying out your skin and nails.
  • When washing your hands, don’t use hot water, which will strip your skin of its natural oils and protective layer. Warm water is a better option. 
  • Use hand lotion after you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Getting into the habit of using a good quality lotion will protect your hands from the repetitive washing and alcohol. However, make sure your lotion isn’t heavily fragranced, which will also dry out your hands. 
  • Use cuticle oil. Stop your hands from drying out by applying cuticle oil to your nails regularly to keep them nourished. Your nail aesthetician can tell you the best product to use for your skin and nail health. 
  • Moisturize overnight. By putting on lotion right before bed, you can help to heal your skin while you sleep. You can invest in a soft, thin pair of gloves to cover your hands while you sleep if you like. 

We want you healthy – so follow the CDC guidelines for washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, and use hand sanitizer between washings. However, be sure to add those routine manicures at The Glam Room to stop your hands from feeling dry, rough, and cracked. 

We care about the health of your skin, so schedule your appointment with one of our nail technicians at The Glam Room today. You can find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City, call us at 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or schedule directly from your mobile device with our free mobile app available on iTunes and Google Play


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