SkinCeuticals® Products for Advanced Skincare at The Glam Room

December 14 2019

SkinCeuticals® Products for Advanced Skincare at The Glam Room

At The Glam Room, our expert estheticians are proud to use authentic SkinCeuticals® skincare products for our professional facial treatments. We’re dedicated to helping your skin look and feel its best, we’ve chosen to use the science-backed advanced skincare products that SkinCeuticals® delivers.

SkinCeuticals® developed their products after decades of skin cancer research led to breakthroughs in advanced skincare, including the powerful effects of potent antioxidants for healthy, younger-looking skin. The high-potency products are designed to penetrate deeply and give you the results you need.

All SkinCeuticals® products are proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest quality standards. All SkinCeuticals® skincare products deliver cutting-edge performance in formulas that are customized for your skin’s individual needs.

SkinCeuticals® products are unique because their development is backed by science. SkinCeuticals® scientists use medical-grade clinical testing to ensure that all their products are proven effective.

Antioxidants are part of the driving force in SkinCeuticals® products. Antioxidants are special compounds that prevent oxidation, a chemical reaction that releases other compounds, called free radicals, that can damage cells, including your skin cells. Free radicals can create a chain reaction of skin damage if they aren’t stopped by antioxidants, so that’s why antioxidants are so important to healthy skin. Without them, oxidation damage continues and can lead to premature skin aging – and the fine lines, wrinkles, and dull, sagging skin that results.

SkinCeuticals® developed high-potency antioxidant formulas that can reverse the process and give you healthy, younger-looking skin.

Skin aging starts as early as your 20’s, when collagen production and skin cell renewal processes begin to slow. While most people think of skin aging as happening much later in life, controlling those processes early helps your skin stay young looking for much longer. Having a professional skin assessment and letting our experienced estheticians develop a facial treatment plan for you gives you the best head-start on healthy skin for a lifetime.

Social responsibility is also important at The Glam Room, and SkinCeuticals® is a company that is dedicated to helping people and our environment. SkinCeuticals® partners with ReSurge International to provide the Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery initiative to educate and advance first-generation women in the reconstructive surgery field. In addition, SkinCeuticals® continually improves its shipping and packaging procedures to reduce the company’s carbon footprint to support a sustainable business model that protects the environment.

Make an appointment today at The Glam Room to experience the difference SkinCeuticals® can make on the health of your skin. Visit our salon at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas Cityorcall 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment or download our free mobile app to book your appointment from the convenience of your mobile device. It’s available on iTunes,Google Play, orAmazon.