June 15 2020

Six Ways to Prevent Skin Irritation from Face Masks

Wearing a face mask every day is not ideal, but the CDC currently recommends face coverings for everyone interacting with the public to stay safe. For now, face masks are a reality, but for those of us experiencing irritation from face masks, they can be a real problem for our skin. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to minimize or eliminate irritation from face masks and keep your skin healthy and glowing

Cleanse daily. Starting off with a fresh, clean face is important every day, but it can be especially important on days that you need to wear a mask. If pollutants like dirt and oil get trapped underneath your mask, they can cause breakouts. It’s important to use the right products for your skincare routine, and your esthetician at The Glam Room can recommend the best Dermologica® or SkinCeuticals® products for your skin’s individual needs. The right cleanser will be formulated for your skin type and will provide a gentle cleanse with no harsh ingredients, and it will be oil and fragrance-free. Hot water can dry out your skin, so always rinse in lukewarm water and pat dry. Use gentle motions and avoid excess rubbing or harsh scrubbing for a gentle cleanse. 

Avoid makeup. We are all accustomed to wearing makeup every day, and it can even feel awkward leaving the house without it. However, when trapped under a mask, makeup can cause clogged pores, which can make your skin break out with acne or a rash. Makeup can also rub off on your mask, leaving it soiled. For now, focus on your eye makeup and keep your face mask area makeup-free to keep your skin healthy. 

Moisturize. While makeup can wait until masks are a thing of the past, don’t skip the moisturizer. Your skin needs proper hydration to stay healthy, and moisturizer has the added protection of preventing the friction from your mask from irritating your skin. Everyone needs moisturizer, even people with oily skin. The trick, as with your cleansing product, is in choosing the right moisturizer for your skin. It should always be fragrance and oil-free, and the best moisturizers contain skin protectants to keep your skin cells healthy and hydrated. If you’re prone to acne breakouts, your skin still needs moisture. In fact, proper moisturizing keeps skin healthy and helps keep breakouts at bay. Avoid heavy creams and oily products that can add to the problem. 

Always wear a clean mask. To protect from COVID-19, it’s important to wash your mask after every use, so have several ready to wear throughout the week. A clean mask is also crucial for healthy skin, because any dirt, oil, and bacteria trapped in the mask can clog up your pores and cause breakouts and other skin problems. Never reuse your mask; always keep a clean one ready to use. This is especially true if you use single-use surgical masks. While the CDC doesn’t recommend surgical masks for public use anyway, if this is the only type you have, remember that they are only good for a single-use, then they need to be thrown away.

Get the best skin care. Good skincare is about much more than cleansing and moisturizing every day. Your skin needs regular, professional care to stay healthy. The first step is a Glam Facial, where our professional estheticians use the Dermalogica Face Mapping® skin analysis to determine the perfect treatment plan for your skin’s individual needs. This customized skin analysis will help our estheticians decide whether other Glam Room facial treatments, like mediBac clearing®, AGE smart®, or PowerBright TRx treatments will be right for your skincare plan. Our professionals use Dermologica® and SkinCeuticals® quality skincare products to pamper your skin, and we will also recommend the best home skin care regimen to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy in between salon appointments.

If you’ve noticed irritation from wearing a mask every day, or if you’re just concerned about how wearing a mask will affect your skin’s health, make an appointment with one of our professional estheticians at The Glam Room today. You can find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or you can schedule your professional facial treatment right from your mobile device with our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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