Shop Online for Professional Haircare Products at The Glam Room

October 15 2020

Shop Online for Professional Haircare Products at The Glam Room

When you walk out of The Glam Room’s salon with that fabulous new hair color or a unique style, you want it to look perfect every day. That’s why our stylists always recommend a specific home hair care regimen for you, and professional hair care products are an important part of that routine. There are several reasons to choose professional products to keep your hair in its best possible condition.

Better, high-quality ingredients. Professional haircare products have one goal: To make your hair look and feel healthy, shiny, and soft. Unlike most store brands that are mass-produced and contain harsh ingredients, professional brands focus on natural, nourishing ingredients that make your hair look and feel its best. Most store brands over-strip your hair, which means that they remove too many natural oils, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. And for oily hair, over-stripping means that your body will produce even more oils to compensate, making the problem even worse. Professional products use the right balance of ingredients to ensure that your hair’s natural oils are protected.

Concentrated formulas. Store brands need to sell as many bottles of hair products as they can, and they make money by watering it down so that it fills more bottles. This means you have to use more, so you’re not saving money by buying cheaper products. Professional products are concentrated, so you get more value out of every bottle.

Sustainability practices. Those mass-produced store brands can also have negative consequences on the environment. Using more watered-down products means there are more plastic bottles in landfills. Most professional brands are also strongly aware of the impact of their products on the environment, so they practice sustainability initiatives like using less plastic packaging, operating with clean energy options and using natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

Tailored results. Most mass-produced store brands don’t consider the individual needs of your hair type and texture. Their pH levels are often unstable, which can damage your hair. Professional products are designed for specific hair care needs, with different products for color-treated hair, dry hair, oily hair, and for specific textures. Professional brands also ensure that every bottle of their product is perfectly formulated with the right pH level to ensure that your hair is protected.

As you can see, professional haircare products save money and keep your hair in its best possible condition, so it’s important to use them as part of your home hair care routine. At The Glam Room, we make it easy by providing our master stylist-recommended products right on our online store, so you can shop for the products you need right from the comfort of your home. We offer a variety of hair care and skincare products from the top brands in the professional salon industry, including:

  • Kerastase® - This professional line of hair care products includes carefully crafted shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and nourishing serums designed specifically for your hair’s individual needs.
  • L’Oréal Professionnel® - A top name in haircare, L’Oréal’s Professionnel® line offers a range of professional haircare products tailored to different hair types and textures to ensure the best care for your hair.
  • Pureology® - These natural styling products and protective serums are the perfect finishing touch to keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous all day and into the night.
  • Redken® - A famous name in professional haircare products, the Redken Brews® line is specially designed for men’s hair and body grooming needs.

And if you’re looking for the best quality skincare products available, we offer exceptional professional skincare products in our online store from Dermalogica® and Skinceuticals®, two of the top brands in the professional salon skincare industry.

Visit our Glam Room online store today to get everything you need for your haircare and skincare routine with the convenience of at-home shopping. And if you need a new style, cut, color, or more, make an appointment at The Glam Room today. Our professional stylists and estheticians will help you look and feel your best. You can find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas Cityorcall 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or schedule your appointment right from your mobile device with our free mobile app, available on iTunes andGoogle Play.