Shake Off Winter with These Fun and Flirty Spring Hair Colors?!

March 15 2023

Shake Off Winter with These Fun and Flirty Spring Hair Colors?!

With the changing seasons coming around you are no doubt looking for some killer new hair color ideas for spring. There are many great colors trending right now, from lighter hair colors to warm hair colors. 2023 is filled with a ton of great trends to look at, so here are just a handful of the trends that Spring has to offer to you.

A Plethora Blonde Hair Color

Whether you aim for blonde highlights, a blonde money piece, warmer honey blonde, peachy apricot blonde, and silvery pearly blonde looks, there are a lot of blonde colors you can go for. We are particularly loving the silvery sheen of pearled blonde colors and the fun dash of warmth and color peach blonde gives us. They are perfect looks for brightening up the spring season.

For a look that stands out a bit more, you can aim for ash blonde hair or icy blonde hair. Ash-blonde incorporates shades of muted grey to give it this duller, but the beautiful neutral tone in your blonde locks. Icy blonde hair is almost white- which is different from the silver shades of platinum. Ice blonde is more of a stark white color, without the grayish silver sheen that comes with more platinum or silver hair.

Pastel Hair Colors

For springtime, colors are popping up everywhere. So why not choose a vibrant, bold, and busy color? Pastels are in - bright barbie pink, spring lime green, orange tangerine, and bright peach are a few unnatural, eccentric colors you can look at for the spring season. There is no better time of the year to take advantage of brighter pastel colors than when flowers are in bloom and life is coming back up around you. You can even incorporate ombre hair colors, to really make your look stand out. Though, you can try highlights too! Balayage hair colors are all the rage, and using pastels for highlights can be the icing on the cake to complete your look. Talk about making your hair pop, right?

Platinum Blonde Hair

The silvery metallic hue of platinum blonde hair has yet to die- this trend is thriving! Carrying on from the past year, you can count on your platinum-colored hair to stay trending through March, April, May- and all the Spring months! Though it is difficult to get the lift you need to achieve this look on naturally dark hair, we love to see this color take its time in the spotlight. Younger people love the shade, and older ladies get to embrace their crowns of natural silver. You just can’t go wrong here!

Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair can be either a more muted shade of pink with a nice golden sheen and undertone or a brighter more pastel, shiny pink color you can add to your hair. What matters is that the pink in your hair has a soft, rosy tone to it to accompany the shine to give it that nice rose gold feel. This is a great shade for a girl who loves spring and wants to really burst with pigment.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

We love to see gingers around us and getting the honor to dye your hair this subtle red-blonde color will be the highlight of our day. Strawberry blonde is a fantastic dash of natural color to give your natural blonde hair a new spin and give it more life. It adds a slight warmth to your hair that people will adore. This soft elegant shade is perfect for people who just want a little pizazz to their hair without venturing into the unnatural territory.

Maintaining Your New Hair Color

Now, if you want to make sure your new hair color actually stays, stick around. Especially if you’re new to hair color. The most important thing to do is to remember what your stylist says about proper hair and color care- but if you forget any steps, just come back here. We have your back.

The first thing you will want to do is avoid products that have sulfates, and dehydrating ingredients. You want products that will nourish your hair, and keep it healthy after your color treatment- as well as shampoos and conditioners that aren’t going to wash your color out faster than usual. Our favorite brands are Kerastase and L’oreal. We offer and use these products in the salon. The salon-grade brands offer a lot of nourishment for your hair and keep your hair as healthy, shiny, and voluminous as you could want.

One of the most important things to do too is to regulate how you clean your freshly colored hair. Try not to shampoo it every day- especially with shampoo. Rinsing it with conditioner and water can be alright, especially if you use a color-safe conditioner, but you don’t want to rinse out your color through excessive showering. So, cut down on how often you shampoo and rinse your hair. Try doing it every other day, or even once a week if possible. Your hair will actually be much healthier in general when you develop this habit. You also want to ensure that when you shampoo your hair, you use lukewarm or cool water. Hot water rinses out more dye than cooler temperatures.

Avoid heated styling or use heat-protective products that can help to keep your color from fading prematurely. Heat leads to hair color fading, and too much can make your hair fall flat and dull if you do not heat-protective styling products or leave in treatments. Our Stylists will give you a personalized hair care prescription of our professional product lines to help increase your hair color longevity and beautiful shine.

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