June 30 2020

Professional, Customized Barbering Services at The Glam Room

If you’re like most men, the only salon experience they’ve had was stepping into a place designed for women. It’s not just the décor – it’s that the services that women need are very different from their own. You’ve probably been going to those unisex haircut chain salons that deliver a haircut that’s mediocre at best and bad at worst. At The Glam Room, we had you in mind when we designed our exclusive men’s barbering services

Barbering is a classic tradition that has always meant so much more to men than grooming. It’s about getting to know your barber, sharing great conversation, and relaxing and unwinding from your day while all your grooming needs are taken care of. In the old days, barbershops combined uncompromising luxury with a relaxed, homey atmosphere to create the perfect place to get grooming services as well as to connect with the community. We’ve specifically designed our barbering services to keep up this long-standing tradition. In addition to great grooming services, you get the friendliness and welcoming spirit you’d expect from a quality barber.

Barbering services include the usual haircut, shave, and a few other services, but there are some unique differences between the barbering and standard salon services.

The specialists. Barbers are experts in cutting men’s hair. This is important because the different styles men wear primarily rely on clippers, not scissors. Although most cosmetologists can successfully cut hair with clippers, there’s a whole new level of artistic ability needed to use clippers right that only a well-trained, experienced barber can deliver. This experience can make a huge difference in the finished product – your hairstyle. 

The shared experience. Few things are as memorable as that first hot towel shave from the barber, especially if it was shared experience between father and son. Barbering is uniquely methodical, with deliberate, careful steps for each treatment that are the hallmarks of this traditional craft.  

Exceptional skincare. Everyone loves to look their best, but men often neglect the skincare regimens that can help them achieve this goal. Clean, clear, young-looking skin helps boost your confidence so you can take charge of your day, every day. Barbering services do more than pamper your skin. They provide you with a customized treatment plan to address any skin issues that may cause problems now or in the future so that you can relax and enjoy the results.

The Glam Room has two experienced, professional barbers ready to deliver a variety of services for you, including:

  • Haircuts, including fades or head shaves
  • Hair color
  • Beard and mustache care
  • Facial treatments, including The Glam Room’s Gentlemen’s facial
  • Hair removal for unibrow, nose, ears, and neck
  • Relaxing massages for your face, neck, shoulder, or scalp

All our gentlemen’s barbering services are customized to your unique needs so you get an unparalleled personalized experience. Barbering is all about providing the best men’s grooming services in a welcoming environment that delivers that traditional barber experience you’ve been missing. And at The Glam Room, we only use the highest quality professional products and techniques to ensure that your results are exactly what you would expect from an experienced, professional barber. 

If you’ve been looking for a barbering experience that’s professional, affordable, and delivers personalized service in a welcoming, friendly environment, make an appointment today at The Glam Room. Our experienced barbers will make you feel right at home and give you that customized experience you’ve been looking for. You can find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or you can schedule your lash service consultation right from your mobile device with our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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