April 30 2023

Polished to Perfection: How Pedicures and Beautiful Nails Can Help You Walk Tall and Feel Your Best

It is time to start getting in your weekly mani-pedis! Fantastic pedicures and manicures lead to a variety of health benefits from boosted confidence to maintaining skin and nail conditions like ingrown nails and dry skin. For your comfort, even without a polish, manicures, and pedicures are recommended for everyone. 

Pedicure Benefits For Everyone

Regular pedicures can be a valuable part of a self-care routine, promoting foot health, proper toenail care, relaxation, and confidence. Even if you do an at-home pedicure, you’re paying special attention to the skin and nails of your feet- which are arguably one of the most overworked parts of our bodies. Foot care helps to prevent ingrown nails, corns, and bunions. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue, but a comfort issue. Corns and bunions can be painful, and this isn’t to mention how they help prevent fungus and infection. Preventing infections can really help to eliminate foot odor, as well as remove any built-up bacteria under the nails. When you go to a professional they can easily spot anything that may go wrong. This lets you know it is time to see a dermatologist or podiatrist. 

Toenail polish is another great aesthetic benefit, keeping your toes uniform and colorful. This is just one of a variety of foot beauty tips, alongside foot soaks, maintaining cuticles, moisturizing your feet daily, and moisturizing once a week. 

Boosting your confidence is made easy when you visit our salon!

Foot Massage Benefits 

Oh, a massage…couldn’t we all use one? This is a relaxation technique you just can’t pass up. There are so many extraordinary benefits to getting a good foot massage with your pedicure. It is a stress reliever, it improves circulation to the extremities, reduces muscle pain and tension, and for the overworked, you can even grab a quick nap. Don’t worry, we’ll understand. We want to help you maintain your physical and mental health, so if you end up napping it just proves we’ve done our job! A treatment like this will have you feeling refreshed in no time. 

Keeping Nails Healthy At Home

If you ever attempt an at-home pedicure you may find yourself with some beginner problems. Chipped polish, or maybe misshapen nails, can be a couple of issues you could find yourself facing. So let’s make sure those salon-quality nails last for a long time! Keeping your nails healthy and knowing how to deal with nail-care emergencies will be just the thing to help keep your nails intact until you can make it back to our salon. If you’re dealing with a broken nail, make sure to use a fine grit nail file to gently shape your nail and smooth down any sharp edges. Make sure to keep your hands and nails well moisturized with a daily moisturizer. One of the most important steps to maintaining your professional manicure is to wear gloves during hands-on labor. If you have to wash the dishes, deep clean the house with bleach or other chemicals, weed the flower garden, or anything like this you want to make sure your nails don’t start to absorb excessive moisture. You want to avoid using nail polish removers that contain acetone, and don’t be afraid to give your nails a break from the polish so they can have some room to breathe- some places will recommend forgoing the polish for a couple of weeks to make sure that your nails have ample time to get the air they need. Make sure not to pick or bite at your nails either

Vitamins are crucial for your nails to stay strong and healthy as well. You want to make sure you’re getting a balanced diet with everything you need for your nails to thrive. Salmon, leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, beans, blueberries, bananas, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are all great options to keep up with your nail care diet. You also need to remember the essentials of water. Hydration is important for all functions of the body, from healthy hair, skin, and nails to even making sure that you don’t end up fatigued. It helps your whole body to function well, so you can really enjoy all your salon trips. 

Current Nail Polish Trends

If you want to follow current nail polish trends, you can try out some of our favorites. Clear gloss, colorful micro-french nails, and colors like turquoise, candy apple red, and pastels are some beautiful options for the current season. You can also try out glittery accents, chrome nails, and metallic shades. Of course, there are a million different things you can do with your nails from the simple to the eccentric- these are just the ones we recommend right now.

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