January 15 2020

Manicures and Pedicures: They’re for More than Just Looks

Many people get professional manicures when they have an important event coming up – a wedding, the prom, or a big family get-together – because they want to look their best. We all want great looking nails for those special occasions, but there are plenty of reasons to make them a regular part of your routine besides just looking great.

Think about all the things you do with your hands during the day. They’re constantly handling objects, touching different surfaces, and doing work like typing or writing. Your feet get a daily workout from all the walking you do, but most of us pay little attention to them. With all this use, your fingernails and toenails really get a workout, so caring for them well is an important part of good hygiene. That’s why regular, professional manicures and pedicures are so important. They will:

Keep skin and nails clean and moisturized. You just can’t beat a professional manicure and pedicure to get your hands and feet clean, soft, and hydrated. Our professional nail technicians have an arsenal of pro-strength products that clean deep, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin and nails to ensure they stay in the best possible condition. With the rough treatment that your hands and feet go through every day, regularly scheduled manicures and pedicures keep everything clean and healthy.

Address possible infections before they become a problem. Fungus and bacteria can be hard to spot. Our professional nail technicians know what to look for and can spot the early warning signs of an infection before it gets worse and causes unsightly – and sometimes even painful – sores and rashes. As professionals, they know the best way to treat a potential infection and have all the tools and products needed to keep bacteria and fungus at bay.

Stimulate circulation. Professional manicures and pedicures include a massage for a reason: it stimulates circulation, both for blood flow and to eliminate toxins. This delivers more oxygen-rich blood to your skin cells and flushes away problematic compounds for healthier skin.

Help prevent signs of aging. Your hands can give away your age, but not if they’re well cared for. The goal of our professional nail technicians is not just to keep your nails looking gorgeous, but also to enhance the health of your skin and nails so your hands look and feel youthful.

Help you relax. All of us have busy schedules, work and/or school, family commitments, and making time for friends. We all need to set aside some time each month to de-stress and do something just for us, and manicures and pedicures are the perfect opportunities to unplug and relax. We recommend that our clients have professional manicures and pedicures every two to three weeks, so that’s the perfect interval to have a little “me time.” 

Look great! Finally, looking great is important, and of course, professional manicures and pedicures make your hands, feet, and nails look fabulous. At The Glam Room, we provide a whole range of nail services so you can get the perfect look and color you want, including a full set of acrylic nails or acrylic fill, dip powder manicures, or gel polish manicures or pedicures. 

Get gorgeous nails, healthy skin, and extra time to unwind and de-stress with professional manicures and pedicures from The Glam Room. Make an appointment today and our professional nail technicians will give you the silky soft hands and feet you want with dozens of fabulous nail colors to choose from. Find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or you can call us at 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment. You can also book your appointment on our mobile app, available for free on iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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