February 15 2023

How to Get Your Skin Beach-Ready with Waxing Services

It’s still cold outside right now, but there are only a few short weeks of winter left and then it will be spring break before you know it. It’s time to get your hair removal game on with waxing services now to get your skin beach ready before spring break starts. Today we’re going to take a look at waxing versus other hair removal methods and give you a few waxing tips to help you have the best waxing experience possible.

Waxing VS Other Hair Removal Methods

Waxing provides weeks of beautifully smooth hair free skin. That’s weeks of freedom from hair removal. Other hair removal methods have to be repeated every few days or in the case of shaving every day. Waxing doesn’t damage your skin. Shaving can cause nicks, cuts, and razor burns and hair removal creams can cause rashes and chemical burns. Waxing for sensitive skin is amazing because there is no exposure to harsh chemicals. It’s easy to see why waxing is the favorite hair removal method of so many people.

Tips To Get Your Best Wax Ever

There are a few things that you can do prior to your waxing appointment to make sure that you have a great experience and end up with the smoothest skin possible.

Use only non-comedogenic skincare products. These products won’t cause buildup that clogs pores. Clogged pores can make hair more difficult to remove which will make your waxing session more painful. Using the wrong products can also cause ingrown hairs or post-waxing breakouts due to clogged pores. So make sure everything you put on your skin in the days prior to waxing won’t clog your pores.

Exfoliate two to three days prior to your appointment. Exfoliating to remove dead skin cell buildup will also make the waxing session easier and more comfortable since the wax sticks to the hairs better and is easier to remove. The trick is the timing. You don’t want to exfoliate too close to your appointment or your skin will be too sensitive.

Start drinking extra water a few days before your appointment. If your skin and hairs are dry the hairs will be more likely to break off instead of pulling out with the wax. Hydration is the key to keeping everything moist and supple. Avoid alcohol and caffeine and drink eight glasses of water daily as your appointment approaches.

Stop shaving about a week in advance. Hairs need to be about ¼ inch long for the wax to adhere to them. So stop shaving about a week before your appointment to let your hairs get about as long as a grain of rice. Hair that is too short will be pulled, but not pulled out, which is quite painful.

Stay out of the sun! If your skin is sunburned you can’t get a wax, and freshly waxed skin is more sensitive and prone to sunburn. So stay out of the sun if you can for several days before your wax and make sure you can stay in the shade for at least 24 hours after your wax. This is one of many reasons to start waxing well in advance of spring break.

Avoid certain anti-aging treatments prior to waxing. Skin care products containing retinol should be avoided for a week before and another week after waxing. Retinol sensitizes the skin making it susceptible to burns, tears, and pain. Dermal filler injections and Botox should be avoided for at least 2 weeks. The injections cause trauma to the skin and localized swelling that can interfere with waxing.

Wax regularly for pain-free waxing. Waxing on a regular basis weakens the hair follicles making hairs easier and more comfortable to remove. Take a break from waxing and the follicles heal so you’ll start over at square one.

Waxing Options

When it comes to waxing there are many options to choose from. You can wax pretty much any area of your body where you have unwanted hair. Wax as little or as much as you want. You can do just one area with a leg wax, an arm wax, or an underarm wax. For your face there is eyebrow waxing, lip waxing, and all-over facial waxing, depending on how much peach fuzz you want to remove. Male waxing options to consider are chest waxing and back waxing. For your intimate areas, you can choose a bikini wax that removes only what a bikini won’t cover or a Brazilian wax that bares it all. The current waxing trends are to remove everything everywhere with a full body wax.

If you’re new to waxing it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up. It might be overwhelming to you to just jump right in with a full body wax. So try an eyebrow wax first. Then add a leg wax. It’s an excellent idea to try a bikini wax a few times before going all out with a Brazilian. Once you know what to expect from waxing and are comfortable with the process you can be smooth and hair free all over if you choose. 

Whatever professional waxing services you choose, the hair removal experts at  The Glam Room are here to help you hit that beach with confidence and smooth, hair-free skin this spring break.  Reserve an appointment today! You can also schedule your appointment on our mobile app, available for free on iTunes and Google Play. We have two locations to serve you - 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City and our new location at 8611 College Boulevard in Overland Park. Use our talk/text/chat feature for our River Market location: 816-605-1949 or (913) 725-8520 for our South location. 

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