June 15 2021

How BOTOX® Can Help Ease the Face Mask Blues

Wearing face masks was a constant last year, but with so many people vaccinated and new CDC guidelines that let vaccinated people take off those masks, you may have noticed that your skin needs a little rejuvenation. If you’ve noticed a few more lines or wrinkles creeping up on you, it might be time for a facial refresh with BOTOX®

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is an injection therapy that helps ease lines and wrinkles in areas with lots of muscle use, like around your eyes (those “crow’s feet” wrinkles we often see), mouth, and forehead. The key ingredient is a protein that comes from a neurotoxin that affects muscle movement. 

If BOTOX® contains a neurotoxin, is it safe? 

The toxin used in BOTOX® injections does come from the same bacteria that can cause some illnesses – but having BOTOX® injections is different than being exposed to that bacterium in food. BOTOX® is a precise formula that uses just enough of the toxin to control muscle movement just under the skin, so it’s safe to use. When administered by a trained professional like the medspa technicians here at The Glam Room, these FDA-approved injections are safe for most people. 

How do BOTOX® injections work?

When injected into specific muscles in the problem area, BOTOX® stops the muscle movement that causes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The more we use muscles that cause wrinkles on our face, whether it’s from frowning, squinting, or raising our eyebrows, the more pronounced those wrinkles tend to be. Eventually, after years of facial movement, those wrinkles appear even when you’re not making those movements. BOTOX® injections effectively freeze your muscles into place so that those types of wrinkles are no longer visible.

Does BOTOX® work on all types of wrinkles?

BOTOX® injections only work on lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement, also called dynamic wrinkles, such as:

  • Frown lines

  • Crow’s feet near the eyes

  • Forehead wrinkles from raising eyebrows

Static wrinkles, which are caused by skin aging and sun damage, cannot be treated with BOTOX® injections, because it’s the skin’s surface that’s affected and causing those wrinkles, not the muscle underneath. Static wrinkles can be treated and prevented through a good skincare routine that includes professional anti-aging facial treatments and a home skincare regimen with the right professional products from trusted pro brands like Dermalogica®

How come I’m noticing more lines and wrinkles after wearing face masks all year?

Since face masks cover up much of our faces, it can be harder to communicate. As a result, we try to “smile with our eyes” and make more dramatic facial expressions to make up for this problem, even if people don’t see what’s happening under our masks. After a year of muscle movement from these over-emphasized expressions, this may have caused more visible lines to appear in the areas that can be treated by BOTOX® injections. 

Do BOTOX® injections hurt?

BOTOX® injections do use needles, but they are very fine needles that are designed for this procedure. Most people feel very little discomfort during a BOTOX® treatment, but some people might be more sensitive to injections. If you think this might be you, talk to your Glam Room medspa technician about ways to prevent and relieve discomfort, which might include a topical anesthetic before the injections. 

How many BOTOX® treatments will I need? 

The number of injections in a single treatment depends on the area that’s being treated. You’ll start to see results after a day or two, and those results will last for a few months. After that, you’ll need regularly scheduled BOTOX® treatments to continue to see optimal results, since the effects will wear off in a few months. 

Think BOTOX® treatments might be right for you? Make a consultation appointment at The Glam Room’s medspa today and our expert technicians will help you decide whether BOTOX® injections will be an effective treatment for your needs. You can find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your appointment, or you can schedule your BOTOX® appointment right from your mobile device with our The Glam Room mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play


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