Dreaming of Lush, Long Holiday Hair? Hair Extensions are the Answer!

November 15 2022

Dreaming of Lush, Long Holiday Hair? Hair Extensions are the Answer!

If you’re already dreaming of your holiday parties, work functions, and events that will inevitably pop up into the New Year, you may be envisioning long, thick, lush strands in elaborate updos and glamourous curls. When you enjoy length and volume, there are so many festive hairstyles to play with over the holiday season.

However, if you don’t have those naturally long, thick locks, it might be a bit late to grow it out since it takes a year to grow between 4-6 inches! But don’t fret! That’s what hair extensions are for!

Natural-looking Glam Room Hair Extensions

At The Glam Room, we offer a variety of hair extensions to extend your length, add volume, and enhance your color. Our hair extensions are the highest quality and are made from 100% Remy hair.

Modern-day technology has made hair extensions truly that – an extension of your own hair! They are easy, safe, and natural-looking so that they will look like you have a full head of lush, natural hair that’s all your own. Our hair extensions won’t damage your hair and you can go as long or thick as you want and can even add in layers!

We offer HALOCOUTURE® which offers 30 shades of Original and Balayage Colors that blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Their Original HALO® hair extensions revolutionized the hair extension world with comfort and easy application.

With the Layered HALO®, you can enjoy built-in gradual layers that provide a natural blend with your own hair. This offers 30% more grams than The Original HALO®, providing maximum volume for dense or thick hair.

Every HALO®is made with 100% Remy Human Hair that is coated with a protective keratin seal for soft, silky, and luxurious results.

We also carry Bellami volume wefts that are ideal for coarse, curly, or thicker hair. With over 50 shades to choose from, you can find a color that matches or complements your natural hair color. If you’d like to try bold, you can do that as well! The possibilities are limitless!

These Bellami volume wefts are sew-in wefts installed with a special Bellami looping tool by hairstylists that are certified, ensuring a secure base. These extensions have a life span of 6-12 months!

No matter the hair type, we have an extension that’s right for you!

Consultation First

You will want to reserve an appointment for a consultation with one of our stylists before making the final decision about hair extensions. Our Glam Room hair extension specialists will help you determine which extensions will work best for your and your natural hair.

For best results, your hair should be at least four to 6 inches long to ensure that your hair extensions are a success. The health of your hair will also be assessed to be sure that your hair can handle extensions. Hair that is brittle or damaged should be restored before hair extensions are applied.

Plan on being at The Glam Room for at least one to two hours for the extension procedure. Times may vary depending on what extensions and look you decide on.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Once you have your glamorous new hair extensions, your stylist will give you recommendations on the best hair care products to use, how to care for them, and how to keep them looking great through the winter months.

Daily shampooing can create oil buildup that can directly affect the durability of the bond. You also need to be taught the proper way to brush your extensions to keep them looking beautiful for the greatest amount of time possible. Avoid pulling your strands.

Regular salon appointments are recommended to make sure your hair extensions are working well with your natural hair growth. If you ever decide you don’t want your extensions, please make an appointment to have your Glam Room stylists remove them for you. If not done properly, your hair could be damaged.

No matter which of our professional hair extensions is right for you, they’ll be virtually undetectable – giving you glamorous, thick, long strands just in time for the holidays! Come into The Glam Room for a consultation today. We can be found at308 Delaware Street in Kansas Cityor you can contact us by calling816-605-1949to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule your appointment on our mobile app, available for free oniTunesandGoogle Play. If you are looking for any other products to kick start a hair care journey, ouronline storeis always available