February 28 2023

Cutting Loose: How to Find the Perfect Haircut for Your Lifestyle and Personality

When you start to think about what your new haircut is going to be, you have to consider many factors. Haircut trends, haircut styles, what best expresses your personality, and what best suits your lifestyle. You don’t want long hair that gets in the way if you’re often active. You want to consider your face shape, hair texture, what you’re able to best take care of, and more. So finding the perfect haircut for you can take a little work. 

Your Face Shape

Considering your face shape is a key part of making sure that your haircut compliments your natural look. There are 6 different face shapes in total- oval, square, heart, round, rectangle, and diamond. 

Oval face shapes mean that your face is longer than it is wide, typically with a broader forehead. Any haircut or style can go with an oval face shape, as all of them tend to be flattering to the natural features here. However, pixie haircut trends are one of the best to consider when you have this face shape. 

Heart shapes are next on the list. With these, the forehead is wide, with a slender chin- and they are best complemented with blunt cut bangs and layered waves. This helps to make sure that both the top and bottom parts of the face is balanced. 

Rectangular face shapes are determined by having equal or mostly equal width to your cheeks, jaw, and forehead. You can compliment this face with long layers, and texture. Soften up the edges and create movement in your hair. 

The diamond face shape means your chin is more pointed, with a narrow forehead and higher cheekbones. We want cheek-length bang haircut trends to make this face really pop, and accentuate those cheeks. Undercut haircut trends combined with a pixie can really make you look chic. 

The sixth face shape square. Square face shapes mean your face is relatively symmetrical in length and width, with a strong jaw. Asymmetric haircut trends like an asymmetrical fringe, or layered haircut trends are great for creating a softer, flowy look. 

Round faces are, well,- round! The features are softer than that of a square face, but they are pretty similar. For these, follow bob haircut trends- lobs are the best way to go, but you can add a little shag to them as well. With this shape, we are looking to elongate the face with long hair styles. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

When it comes to your hair, you want to make sure you can both care for it and that it won’t be in your way. You also want it to fit your work environment- if you need a professional look, you don’t want patterned undercuts. If you have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, blunt haircut trends, bobs, and short haircut trends may be what you're best suited for. For a more professional lady, bob haircut trends, and cuts that you can wear in buns or in sleek, neat styles are the best to opt for. Now, if you have time on your hands, curly haircut trends might be great, especially when combined with long haircuts. Longer haircut trends and textures tend to take a little more time to care for. So you want to be sure that you have the time, money, and energy for it. 

Your Personality 

When you look for a new hairstyle you want something that just screams “you”. You can really personalize your hair to suit you- whether you follow more natural haircut trends like short tapered curls or a short, sweet curly cut. Medium-length haircuts trending right now could provide you with the best length to be able to style your hair to suit you for that day- whether you want something characteristic of longer hair, or just want to pin it up easily to be short and out of the way. That is if you’re a little unsure about the look you want. Shoulder-length lobs and shags are where it’s at! Really you just have to make sure that what you are choosing you to like. Or you can experiment to find what suits you best if that’s more your style. 

Hair Texture

When it comes to textured hair, you need to understand the upkeep to really decide if it is the right hairstyle for you. The curlier the hair, the more upkeep it takes- however, this shouldn’t scare you away. It is just a matter of understanding the hair. Textured hair needs moisture- you will want to use lots of leave-in conditioners and hair oils to seal in the hydration your hair will need. You also won’t want to shampoo it as much- and when you do have a shampoo day use cool water to avoid heat damage (though this goes for all hair types). You can find products from brands like Kerastase and L’Oreal that specialize in emphasizing your curls and cutting down on frizzy locks. When you detangle as well- detangling spray and wide-toothed combs help make sure to offer the slip your hair needs without pulling on the tangles to keep your hair healthy. If you try any textured hair trends, these tips will help you tremendously. If you prefer not to get a textured look though and want something that still has body, tousled haircut trends are perfect for you, as well as the choppy haircut trends that amp up the flow of your hair. 

Haircuts For Men VS Haircuts For Women

The style you choose for yourself can also be heavily dependent on the differing trends for men and women. Right now in women’s hair, bob haircuts, pixie cuts, long layers, bangs, and shag cuts are the ones reigning supreme. Men however can find style in long, side-swept layers, layered pompadours, undercut mohawks, short bouncy curls, taper fade curls, and blowouts. 

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