May 31 2022

Add Some Brightness to Your Hair this Summer with Highlights

When the seasons change, most of us rethink our style. Part of that process is taking a look at our hair color to see if we’re ready to make a change. But sometimes, you really do like your color – you just want to brighten it up a bit. Thankfully, the expert colorists at The Glam Room can help you brighten up your look without the commitment to completely new hair color – by using highlights!

What exactly are highlights?

The concept of adding highlights is simple enough: add several strands of lighter hair while keeping the rest at the base color. 

Adding highlights does a few things to change the way your hair color looks:

  • Brightening. Using a lighter shade brightens up the overall look of your hair color. This works even when your hair was already a light shade. For example, you can brighten up a natural blonde with a few strategically placed strands of a lighter blonde like butter blonde. 
  • Dimension. Adding different layers of color makes your hair appear fuller because it adds a dimensional element. Increasing your hair’s dimension adds interest to your color and makes it look incredible. Highlights give finer hair a bit of added texture and volume for a beautiful look!
  • Light reflection. Adding a few bright highlights also changes the way light reflects from your color in both natural and indoor lighting, which also helps it look brighter and more 

Are all highlighting processes the same?

The simple answer is that there are many different ways to add highlights to your hair, from the different coloring processes your Glam Room colorist will use to the placement of that highlighting.

  • Balayage. This popular coloring technique requires an experienced expert because the highlights are hand-painted on in strategic locations. This gives you not only a trendy look but also gives you a natural-looking highlight.
  • Foils. Foils are the traditional highlighting technique that is done by wrapping several strands of hair in foil to be colored, keeping them separate from the base color strands. This results in a more symmetrical, ‘chunky’ look that’s great for some styles. 

How do I add brightness without a huge color change?

This is the question many clients ask us here at The Glam Room. Using a little strategy in your highlighting placement, or adding another hair coloring service like a glaze, can be effective and artistic ways to add brightness to your color. 

  • Face-framing. Adding a few highlights around the face helps brighten up and soften your facial features, and that’s sometimes all the change you need to brighten up your look for the summer months ahead. 
  • Top of the head. Placing highlights at the top of the head works to add a little soft dimension to your look. It can be a great way to add interest to your color without a huge color change. 
  • Multiple tones. For some looks, you might want a more multidimensional look – and you can pull that off by adding two or more different tones. This style can be more complex, so it’s important to talk with your Glam Room colorist about your goals for the finished look that frames your face. 
  • Glazing. A glaze is a lot like a topcoat for your manicure, and it works the same way except for your hair. Each strand gets its own clear coating that helps your color look brighter and last longer. Along with highlights, adding a glaze can give you just the perfect tone you want, including great looks like a sunny golden tone, champagne, grey tones, ash tones, rose gold, and more. At The Glam Room here in Kansas City, our Global Blonde with Glaze & Haircut is the perfect way to brighten up your look with an all-over blonde lightener and glaze hair treatment for a shimmering style!

How do I care for my new, brighter hair color?

Finding the right brightening color for you is only half of the equation – the other half is being sure to care for your new color so that it stays bright and vibrant as long as possible. 

  • Professional products. Only use the professional haircare products that are recommended by your Glam Room colorist. Avoid drugstore brands, which are watered down and may even include harsh ingredients. Follow your Glam Room colorist’s advice about when to shampoo after coloring and how often to do so. 
  • Deep conditioning treatment. Once a month, visit The Glam Room for a professional deep conditioning treatment. This will help give your hair the hydration it needs to keep your color looking vibrant. 
  • Regular hair trims. Even if you’re growing out your hair, visit your Glam Room stylist for regular trims to keep split ends away to avoid breakage, which can dull your color. 

Brighten up your summer look with help from the hair color experts at The Glam Room! Make an appointment today and let our professional colorists help get you a brighter look with highlights and other color services to help you get the perfect tone for your hair. You’ll find us at 308 Delaware Street in Kansas City or call 816-605-1949 to schedule your hair color appointment. You can also schedule your hair color appointment on our mobile app, available for free on iTunes and Google Play. And whenever you’re looking for the best stylist- and esthetician-recommended products to keep your color looking great, you’ll find everything you need in our exclusive online store

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